Late Visit To Abisko

Abisko is a village of about 100 inhabitants up North Sweden, Norrbotten. It resides on the southern lakeside of magnificient Torneträsk. The village is easy to access by train, bus or by car. Narvik is the largest city nearby. Popular trekking path starts from Abisko and traverses through the national park of Abisko. In addition, popular skiing resort, Riksgränsen, is nearby. And I assume that if someone is interested in fishing, plenty of opportunities exists there as well. A place to be for people, who love nature.


We went to Abisko late October early November ’18. Our mission was to photoshoot rapids and falls there. Unfortunately, it was absolutely too late. Terrain, mostly covered with snow and ice, had lost all of its blossom and colors. So were also some rivers. Trees were just bare skeletons.

But as always, a disappointment can be a good learning experience. Thus, a revisit is to be expected this year. This time, it will take place a month or two earlier, I suppose.