Käyrästunturi is an arctic hill close to Rovaniemi (Santa lives also in Rovaniemi). The hill locates about 60 kilometers North from Rovaniemi Arctic Cirle. During summer season (from early June to mid Oct), Käyrästunturi is rather easy to access with any type of vehicle. Though, navigator is recommended. Just head towards Niesintie and then to Lapintie, which is bumpy gravel road. Continue your drive until you end up at a gate blocking your drive any further. From there you have to hike about 4,5 kilometers to reach the hill top. The road traverses in woods and zigzags towards the hill top.


The hill top is almost bold though it is only 350m above the sea level. Just small and scrappy pine trees struggle their way up.

On a clear sunny day, the scene is breathtaking. You could see tens of kilometres just pure wilderness: alternating forests, lakes and swamps.

I made my visit there in late August and was lucky with the timing. Terrain blossomed in full fall colors. And the best thing: No moskitos! Also no rain. Clear sky welcomed me at the top. I decided to stay overnight as the weather was clear and seemed to remain such. I was hoping to see aurora borealis and foggy sunrise. Both got realised.