Quiraing, Skye

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Skye is one of the most attractive islands in the Western Highland. Due to its popularity, the landmarks of Skye like Fairy Pools, Old Man of Storr etc tend to be very crowded. Especially during the high season. However there are still many less crowded places to visit. I managed to spot one of those, Quiraing.

Quiraing is a moss covered ridge of mountain tops. It is easy access from the bypassing road. A good hiking path starts from the parking place beside the road, and the path continues all the way up to the flat top of Quiraing. However, for landscape photography, the scenery towards the top and the neighbouring tops is quite nice already at lower heights as well. Especially on partly cloudy weather, when moss covered ascents are painted with lights and shadows.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to hike up to the top. So something to look forward for the future.

Late Visit To Abisko

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Abisko is a village of about 100 inhabitants up North Sweden, Norrbotten. It resides on the southern lakeside of magnificient Torneträsk. The village is easy to access by train, bus or by car. Narvik is the largest city nearby. Popular trekking path starts from Abisko and traverses through the national park of Abisko. In addition, popular skiing resort, Riksgränsen, is nearby. And I assume that if someone is interested in fishing, plenty of opportunities exists there as well. A place to be for people, who love nature.


We went to Abisko late October early November ’18. Our mission was to photoshoot rapids and falls there. Unfortunately, it was absolutely too late. Terrain, mostly covered with snow and ice, had lost all of its blossom and colors. So were also some rivers. Trees were just bare skeletons.

But as always, a disappointment can be a good learning experience. Thus, a revisit is to be expected this year. This time, it will take place a month or two earlier, I suppose.

Visit Lyngen

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Lyngen is a peninsula between two fjords in the Northern part of Norway. By car it took 10 hours from Oulu, Finland to get there. By airplane the closest airports are in Alta and Tromsså. 

Lyngseidet, the main center of Lyngen, provides all the services you could reasonably need during your stay. We took a bit farther and accommodated ourselves in a small village, Svensby. We rented a cabin hosted by Ole-Anton and his wife. Molly, their dog, absolutely safe-guarded our stay.

Our main target in Lyngen was a small lake called Bluewater (Blåvattnet). As the name implies, Bluewater is famous of its blue (or turquoise) water. The lake sits in a small valley between two mountain tops. The best time to visit there is afternoon, when the sun has started to set down from its top. We were a bit too early birds and visited there well before noon. Stopped there for about 2 hours, and took a short break on the beautiful lakeside. And of course shoot some photos.

To reach Bluewater it takes a 2-3 hours hike, and roughly the same amount of time to get back. The track starts from the parking lot close the road (road 312). The track is well marked. There are two adjacent routes to Bluewater. We took the left one which short after the start starts to follow a small stone covered river on the right hand side. The first kilometer of the track is easy and slowly to uphill. After that the track changes to rocky in open terrain for the remaining 3-3,5 kilometers. So take care that you have proper shoes with you. It is also possible to have tent and to stay overnight in Bluewater. Tough finding a reasonably flat and soft spot for your tent may require some exploring.

We discovered also a nice lighthouse and scenes near Syr Lenangsöyrä. And the lighthouse was just within easy, one kilometre walk from the road. Also a small grocery is run in Syr Lenangsöyrä (if you need to refill you food supplies etc).

Surprises with weather are always something you need to be prepared. Especially when visiting North Norway. We stayed in Lyngen for 2,5 days. One full day and one afternoon it was nice half cloudy weather. The rest it was raining, even some rather heavy showers. Therefore we decided to skip two of our planned targets this time. Those are to be explored during our next visit. Hopefully that will take place very soon.


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Käyrästunturi is an arctic hill close to Rovaniemi (Santa lives also in Rovaniemi). The hill locates about 60 kilometers North from Rovaniemi Arctic Cirle. During summer season (from early June to mid Oct), Käyrästunturi is rather easy to access with any type of vehicle. Though, navigator is recommended. Just head towards Niesintie and then to Lapintie, which is bumpy gravel road. Continue your drive until you end up at a gate blocking your drive any further. From there you have to hike about 4,5 kilometers to reach the hill top. The road traverses in woods and zigzags towards the hill top.


The hill top is almost bold though it is only 350m above the sea level. Just small and scrappy pine trees struggle their way up.

On a clear sunny day, the scene is breathtaking. You could see tens of kilometres just pure wilderness: alternating forests, lakes and swamps.

I made my visit there in late August and was lucky with the timing. Terrain blossomed in full fall colors. And the best thing: No moskitos! Also no rain. Clear sky welcomed me at the top. I decided to stay overnight as the weather was clear and seemed to remain such. I was hoping to see aurora borealis and foggy sunrise. Both got realised.